NOMW Capital, the leading investment and investment fund company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, won the “Best New Investment Management Company of 2015” award, presented by International Finance Magazine, during the annual awards ceremony organized by this prestigious global institution. Which was held recently in the British capital, London, amid a high-level attendance that included a group of industry leaders and representatives of major financial and banking institutions from around the world.

The International Finance Magazine Awards are one of the most important international events and events that honor individuals and institutions that have demonstrated the highest standards of innovation and excellence in the global financial sector. in the face of market challenges.

Dr. Nasser bin Aqeel Al-Tayyar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nomu Capital, commented on the award, saying: “We are pleased with what we have achieved during the past year, which is directed by this important award, which will certainly push us to do more in the coming period. We have learned from our wise leadership in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that real achievement is what motivates you to work more, and that the past is nothing but a source from which we draw inspiration from experiences and experiences that open up new horizons for us to move forward,” pointing out that the award is the result of the effort and work of all employees of the company, and that This honor supports the ambitious plan that Nomu Capital is currently pursuing, as the company seeks to expand the scope of its services, and achieve an appropriate balance for its investment portfolio between asset classes, sectors and different regions. It also seeks to attract investors from new and different geographical regions, in addition to its endeavor to interact with markets and their changing conditions. In order to seize the investment opportunities available there. Dr. Nasser Al-Tayyar also explained that the most important characteristic of Nomu Capital in the business market is its commitment to quality and excellence in providing services and products, and this quality is based on the principles of honesty and trust that the company possesses in its dealings with its shareholders and investors.


For his part, Dr. Abdul Rahman Talfat, Managing Director and CEO of Nomu Capital, said: “We are honored to be crowned with the “Best New Investment Management Company 2015” award from International Finance Magazine, one of the most important global platforms specialized in monitoring and evaluating the performance of companies in the financial and banking sector. This is in appreciation of our contributions in this field during the past year, through which we seek to achieve the aspirations of shareholders and investors in light of the continuous changes in market conditions.

Dr. Telfat added that Nomu Capital has succeeded in achieving a return of 17% for its shareholders in the company’s first operating year, and has arranged financing estimated at 1 billion Saudi riyals for many real estate companies in the Kingdom, in addition to arranging the acquisition of a leading company operating in the sector Transport and logistics services, which is a promising sector in the Kingdom, pointing out that Nomu Capital has established a real estate fund in Makkah with a size of 205 million Saudi riyals and is the first of its kind to invest in the hospitality sector for pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims.

Dr. explained that Nomu Capital has worked since its establishment to build a strong network of relationships with investors and financial institutions in the Kingdom and the Gulf region, and that it is keen to provide services and products that work to achieve financial goals in light of changing market conditions and in line with the aspirations of investors.