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Nomw capital would like to announce that it has no branches in any Gulf county or any other country and this is considered as a note that nomw capital is not responsible for any fraud

Also, we would like to warn you to avoid any person or entity that uses the company's data or license to operate in illegal ways

Nomw Capital Company assures that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts.

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Pressures on global trade with the economic recovery

Global trade recorded a significant improvement, which is supposed to be greater during the current year, driven by the economic

Minister of Commerce: The Saudi-Omani Business Council will contribute to translating investment opportunities into tangible partnerships

His Excellency the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, affirmed the depth and strength of bilateral relations between

Saudi stocks need stimuli for risk appetite.. it broke the longest rising streak since September

Saudi stocks broke the longest winning streak since last September, after falling 154 points by 1.4 percent to close at

The inclusion of government debt instruments of a category previously listed in the market, with a value of 10.4 billion riyals, as of Sunday

The Saudi Tadawul Group announced the approval of the request submitted by the Ministry of Finance to list debt instruments issued by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of a category previously listed in accordance with the listing rules, with a total value of (10,411,700,000) riyals, the details

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