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Nomw capital would like to announce that it has no branches in any Gulf county or any other country and this is considered as a note that nomw capital is not responsible for any fraud

Also, we would like to warn you to avoid any person or entity that uses the company's data or license to operate in illegal ways

Nomw Capital Company assures that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts.

Periodic Reports

Periodic Reports

NOMW Capital issues periodic reports about the progress of its investment and interim financial reports on quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis to keep investors and shareholders fully informed about the performance of their investment in demonstration of our commitment for transparent disclosures as required by the international standards, and the rules and regulations applied by the Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Financial Performance of NOMW Capital

NOMW Capital operates as an investment arm for its clients and shareholders. The capital the Company raises and deploys for its investment offerings are entirely done through the formation of independent funds or direct investment programs. As a result, the Company is not a balance-sheet driven entity, and seldom carries its structured investments on its own books.

The financial strategy of the firm helps demonstrate solid commitment and independence in its dealings. In addition, the Company maintains a well-capitalized position of SAR 50 MM and focuses on organic growth through income generation and the commitment of its shareholders.

Since its inception in 2014, NOMW Capital has generated value for its shareholders and successfully realizes organic growth through its exceptional performance. The company generates income from rendering its financial services to clients and shareholders.

The principal activities of the Company are to carry out dealing as principal, underwriter, manager, arranger, and custodian in the securities business as per its CMA license.

Based on our commitment for transparent disclosures as required by the rules and regulations applied by the Capital Market Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in line with the international standards, we have published our financial performance below.

Board of Directors’ (BOD) Reports:

BOD Report 2015

BOD Report 2016

BOD Report 2017

BOD Report 2018

BOD Report 2019

BOD Report 2020

BOD Report 2021

BOD Report 2022

Financial Statements:

Financial Statements 2015

Financial Statements 2016

Financial Statements 2017

Financial Statements 2018

Financial Statements 2019

Financial Statements 2020

Financial Statements 2021

Financial Statements 2022

Periodic Reports of Investment Programs & Funds

To keep its investors fully informed about the financial position and performance of their holdings, NOMW Capital disseminates periodic reports about their respective holdings in its direct investment programs and funds on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis.


Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)

Pillar III has been adopted by NOMW Capital since its inception in 2014. The Capital Market Authority (CMA) issued its Prudential Rules in December 2012. As per the Chapter 20 of the Prudential Rules, all Authorized Persons (APs) are required to have in place an Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP).


As outlined in the CMA prudential rules, ICAAP requires five features including governing body oversight, sound capital assessment, comprehensive assessment of risks, monitoring and reporting, and internal control review. Therefore, ICAAP not only ensures that companies have adequate capital to support all the risks in their business, but also encourages them to develop and use better risk management techniques by including adequate Stress Testing scenarios in monitoring and managing their risks.


ICAAP at NOMW is comprehensive in its approach – its coverage includes all material risks, corporate governance and internal control framework, capital planning and management framework, strategic plans, and macro-economic factors. NOMW is in the process of implementing further robust policies and processes to measure, monitor, report all material risks and adopt an efficient capital planning process to ensure that sufficient capital is available to meet any unforeseen contingencies.


NOMW has adopted the Standardized Approach for Credit Risk, and has adopted the highest of Basic Indicator Approach and Expenditure Approach for Operational Risk. These approaches have been effectively implemented as per the Pillar III Compliance report of the financial year 2015. The Company is not subject to market risk. This Capital Adequacy and the Risk Management Report provide details on NOMW’s risk profile with business volumes by risk asset classes, which form the basis for the calculation of the capital requirement.

Pillar III Report

Pillar III Report (31 December 2015)

Pillar III Report (31 December 2016)

Pillar III Report (31 December 2017)

Pillar III Report (31 December 2018)

Pillar III Report (31 December 2019)

Pillar III Report (31 December 2020)

Pillar III Report (31 December 2021)

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