Important announcement:

Nomw capital would like to announce that it has no branches in any Gulf county or any other country and this is considered as a note that nomw capital is not responsible for any fraud

Also, we would like to warn you to avoid any person or entity that uses the company's data or license to operate in illegal ways

Nomw Capital Company assures that there is absolutely no transaction (receipt or transfer) of cash through personal bank accounts.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

NOMW’s organizational structure is hierarchal by design but flat by culture. In other words, departments and teams across the firm work together in delivering operational excellence and developing its initiatives. Our versatile organizational structure is essential in optimizing the operational performance of the firm and ensures delivery of top-notch services to our clients.

The firm operates as one uniform integrated platform with industry-accredited financial and managerial systems, efficient operational procedures and accounting tools.


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